Bio: I was raised and educated in Southern California (BA from UCLA, MA from California State University) but now spend eight months of the year in the Philippines, the other four in Los Angeles. I am retired from full-time work and now have time to write fiction and non-fiction, book reviews, screenplays, and SEO/content articles. I also love reading, watching movies/sports/news, traveling, playing the piano, exercising, and walking the dogs. I hope to learn more about blogging and am really eager to meet the blogging community. I am sure this will be an adventure!

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9 thoughts on “About

  1. homeofclarity

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.
    I’m also very curious as to what your writing style is and what specific topics you like to talk about.
    Come and share your wonderful ideas here!

    Journey on! 🙂

    1. stking8920 Post author

      Hi Matti—-I think I missed your post from June! Your cruise looks great. I really liked Jyvaskyla when I was there and Finland in general. After Finland, I stayed in Milan, Greece and by accident, one night in Qatar. Thanks again for replying! Steve 🙂

  2. GP Cox

    Pleased to meet you.
    It might help your stats if you use Tags so that others can find you. Also go to the Reader page, add Tags of things you’re interested in and locate others that you might enjoy reading.


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